Installing Excalibur.js

Getting Excalibur

There are several ways you can download Excalibur.


bower install excalibur


Install-Package Excalibur

You can also download the raw Javascript files from the Excalibur Distribution repository.

Unstable Builds

If you want to live on the edge and get unstable builds, you can add the Excalibur Appveyor Nuget feed to your project, see Unstable Builds.

Referencing Excalibur in your project

Just include the excalibur.min.js file on your page and you’ll be set.

If you’re using TypeScript, be sure to reference the declaration file excalibur.d.ts file.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
        <script src="excalibur.min.js"></script>

For Windows 8 & 10 projects

Please reference the GitHub repository for an example of using VS2013 and a WinJS application to run Excalbur.

  1. Install the Excalibur Nuget package
  2. Include the JS file in your WinJS layout file (e.g. default.html)
  3. Include a small script to new up your game (don’t use default.js)