Unstable Builds

There are 4 easy ways to reference the latest unstable version of Excalibur depending on your tech stack of choice:


Each Excalibur build is published to the public NPM registry.

You can install the latest alpha version using the tag next:

npm install excalibur@next

Or reference the excalibur-dist repository:

npm install excaliburjs/excalibur-dist

Either way will work.


For bower projects, just reference the excalibur-dist repository:

bower install excaliburjs/excalibur-dist

Nuget Feed

For a Windows project or Visual Studio Solution, you can add the Appveyor Nuget feed for Excalibur to your project:

If it doesn’t already exist, create a Nuget.config Nuget configuration file in your Visual Studio solution folder (or the same folder where your Nuget.exe resides). For more information, see Chaining Nuget.config files.

Then, add the Appveyor feed as a package source like so:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
         <add key="Excalibur.js Unstable" value="https://ci.appveyor.com/nuget/excalibur/" />

This will add the Excalibur package feed into your list of package sources. Then you can add packages using Visual Studio or the command line.


Git Submodule

Sometimes it’s easier to just include Excalibur directly into your Git source control repository. In that case, you can run the following commands:

git submodule add https://github.com/excaliburjs/excalibur-dist excalibur
git submodule init

This adds a Git submodule reference to the excalibur-dist repository.

From there, you can specifically checkout a versioned release tag (or don’t and live on the edge):

cd excalibur
git checkout v0.7.0
cd ..
git commit -am "Reference excalibur 0.7.0 release"

For more information on working with Git submodules, see the Git SCM guide on submodules